To Publisher

Dear Publishers

To whom it May concern,
Dear authors and publishers of English,Math,Urdu, Science and Other books, we would like to draw your attention to the
fact that we publish the educational books on this site for free for the purpose of education,
culture, and dissemination of science, and we do not publish them for the purpose of
achieving any financial income, but we do not know if you have the copyrights of these books
because they are available free of charge on thousands of websites, so please inform us
about any book or any series that violates the copyrights so that we delete it directly from the
site and the rest of our pages.
We are fully prepared to respond to your request to delete any book you find contrary to the
copyrights or any book you believe we are not entitled to publish for free on our site or our
other pages.
We beg you to accept our apology for any abuse or loss we have unwillingly caused to you.
For observation, a company had asked us to delete “Straightforward” series and we
responded to the request and the whole series was deleted from all our sites.

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